Welcome to Chabad of Dallas!

Chabad of Dallas is one of Dallas' most unorthodox, Orthodox synagogues, a popular center for both Jews who are returning to their Jewish roots and experienced congregants. Located in North Dallas, Chabad has created a wonderful and welcoming Jewish community to all of it's members.

chabad-of-dallas.jpgFounded at the direction of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Menachem M. Schneerson, and under the guidance of Rabbi Mendel Dubrawsky. Chabad of Dallas is a spiritual guidepost and service center for the community to express their spiritual needs and gain inspiration to develop the same while connecting with Almighty G‑d. The Shul is referred to as a “Community House of G‑d” – a spiritual lighthouse from where holiness and G‑dliness emanate to the entire community. A shul is a Beit Ha-Knesset, house of gathering for prayer, a Beit Ha-Midrash, house for learning, a Beit Gemilut-Chassadim, a house for acts of kindness, and a Mikdash Me’at, a minor Holy Temple.

Chabad of Dallas offers all religious and spiritual services including rites of passage, momentous occasions, anniversaries, expressions of happy and sad moments, the celebration of traditional milestones, holidays and ceremonial relationships. The Shul also awakens and helps to develop the spiritual inner-self of the person. Manifesting the concept that Jewishness or Judaism is not merely a religion but a way of life, the Shul provides the language and the exercise program that fulfills the needs of the soul and strengthens it to function maximally in synergism with the body.

Chabad of Dallas is a meeting place for social, religious, educational, cultural, and family events and where people seek guidance and advice for whatever issues life presents. The Shul is available and accessible to every single Jewish man, woman and child .

In addition to traditional synagogue services Chabad of Dallas provides a treasure chest of opportunities for Jews of all ages and distinctions. Popular programs include: Adult Education Classes, Fantastic todler programs, uniting the women of the community in various projects and events, and a Women's Mikva.

Chabad of Dallas illuminates the environment, bringing enlightenment, clarity, and goodness to even remote places that may still be obscured or isolated.

Chabad of Dallas is a cornucopia of spiritual opportunities. It addresses every denomination of a person’s inner being including psychological, emotional, religious, social and personal. It is a place where one can walk that significant bridge between where G‑d speaks to man and man speaks to G‑d. It re-prioritizes values, diminishing the unnecessary separations of economic class or otherwise fragmenting attitudes.


Chabad of Dallasis under the spiritual guidance of Rabbi Mendel Dubrawsky, one of the senior educators in Dallas who believes the Torah must be experienced in the context of a modern, technologically advanced world. His approach is encouraged through sermons and discussions known for their dynamic philosophical positions and Jewish mystical content.

Chabad of Dallas is based on the ideology of Chabad Lubavitch, which has at its foundation based on the encompassing mitzvah “to love every Jew as one loves himself” and to permeate that love with Acts of Kindness, Mitzvas, Torah Study and Prayer. The Shul is a place where people want to go – not have to go; where you enjoy being – not where you look forward to leaving. A home away from home, a gathering place where unity is paramount.