Scholarship Request Form

  • We try to accommodate everyone in our summer camp, because we believe that a Jewish camping experience is an important part of forging a strong Jewish identity. Therefore, we will try to work with everyone who requires assistance, to help come up with an amount that they are are able to pay for the camp experience.

    We will work with you personally and a mutually agreed upon fee will be arranged. This will occur in a strictly confidential manner, and we will make every effort to accommodate your request.  Please be sure to fill in the entire form.

  • I/We would like to benefit from the Camp Gan Israel scholarship fund. As we allocate funds to cover the tuition for participating families/campers, please review some of the scholarship options that Camp Gan Israel will be providing this year.

    Option 1) At CGI we understand the challenge of paying the tuition price all at once, or even before the summer, therefore we can allow post dated checks through September, making the tuition payment more manageable.

    Option 2) Entitles the family to a 10% reduction of tuition.

    Option 3) Entitles the family to a 15% reduction of tuition.

    Option 4) None of these are sufficient. I would like someone to call me about setting up another arrangement.  

  • We would like *              Option 1  Option 2  Option 3  Option 4
  • All requests for assistance must be received by  March 15th

    Please note, you must have turned in a completed registration form and deposit before you can be considered for a scholarship. Deposit will be fully refunded if your request cannot be accommodated. 

    When submitting a camp scholarship request form, please consider the cost of these programs.