Purchasing for discount early bird tickets for entry, food and rides!

Early Bird pricing will expire May 14, 2014

 Entrance Fee:
Child Adult Family
$8 Child ($10 at door) $12 Adult ($15 at door) $30 Family ($36 at door)
Each single entry comes with tickets for a hotdog (3 food tickets)  

Family entry comes with tickets for 4 hotdogs (12 food tickets)


 Food Tickets: (also available at door)
 1 Food ticket = $1
Soda 2 tickets Snow Cone 1 ticket Brisket Sandwich 7 tickets
Water 2 tickets Hot Dog 3 tickets  
Chips 1 ticket Hamburger 5 tickets




 Ride Tickets: (also available at door)
 1 Ride ticket = $0.50
Bounce House 1 ticket Zip line 4 tickets Bungee 5 tickets




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